MyNYP Inpatient

MyNYP Inpatient is a custom Personal Health Record portal that allows hospital patients to access nearly real-time clinical information. After developing a prototype portal for inpatient use, we focused on engaging clinicians and patients in usage studies, to learn more about inpatient information needs and user-centered design for this space.



This project focused on how Health Information Technology (HIT) can be used to educate and engage hospitalized patients and their families within the care context. It pursues questions such as:

1. What role can patient-facing HIT play in communicating information within the hospital setting, with its particularly complex organizational structure and information processes?

2. Are there measurable benefits to enabling electronic communication with hospital patients through HIT?

3. How can presentation and interaction techniques to format data affect understandability of clinical information?

Our custom inpatient PHR portal infrastructure delivers timely, patient-accessible information, by integrating data from an existing electronic health record (EHR) and PHR system. This infrastructure provides the technological foundation upon which experimental presentation and interaction techniques can be introduced and studied in an inpatient setting.


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